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Packwoods Wholesale

“Packwoods: Finest Wholesale Supplier of Premium Quality Cannabis Products” Whether you are looking for top-notch cannabis edibles, concentrates, disposable pens or pre-rolls, Packwoods offers the finest selection of wholesale products at competitive rates. We specialize in creating premium quality cannabis selections that leave a lasting impression on consumers with every purchase. With our vast network consisting of multiple locations across North America and Europe we are able to provide superior service while sourcing rare strains from some sought after farms around the world like Cookies LA which is known for its unique flavor profile & genetics offered only by their brand . Our whole sale offering includes both fresh harvested flower as well as high end infused products so customers have options when it comes time to decide what fits best into your dispensary’s specific needs! Packwood’s reputation has been built upon providing excellent customer service along with fast order fulfillment backed by commitment towards quality assurance standards helping ensure optimal results each and every time. Join us today – let us help make sure you find success in selling premium grade “A” level product without ever having to worry about costly stocking fees due large minimum order sizes

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